[Samba] Samba LDAP caching when LDAP server unavailable - possible?

ANTHONY JOSEPH MESSINA amessina at messinet.com
Thu Jan 19 19:44:43 GMT 2006

ok, i'll go with you on this.  so this mini-router, does it have a hard 
drive or a place that it could dynamically write data, because it seems 
to me that samba will need to write data at will and for sure, ldap with 
syncrepl or any caching program will need to write new data that is not 
static to someplace.

what are the true capabilities of this router?

the cheapy routers that use firmware woun't be able to dynamically write 
this data would they.  any change to data would require a "firmware 

also, how would you manage the router remotely?  ssh?  a web interface? 
  how would you alter any smb.conf settings?

i agree your router would be a cool thing, but you have very little 
admin functionality.  another option may be a refurb cheap computer with 
a cheap network card which would do the same thing, but give you total 
functionality.  this is what i did for the bds at my parent's house.  i 
got a dell outlet refurb for $240, installed fc4 and away we went.

i do still like the idea though of a plug it in and it works system for 
stuff like this.

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Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> i guess the real question here is what is your interest?  are you more 
>> interested in having the login functionality when the network link is 
>> down or are you more interested in toying with the notion of having 
>> samba run on a mini box?
> Of course, being able to login at all times is one of the most important 
> factors.
> Well, there are many factors; in the end I would like it to be a cheap 
> and reliable domain controller for small offices:
> - cost - this mini router (it even has wireless) + USB stick cost less 
> than a PC
> - it's small and compact
> - stability - there is no fan, no hard disk, no moving parts that can break
> - ease of (remote) management (when it's set up properly) - in case of 
> any trouble, someone just turns the device off and on, it'll be up again 
> in a matter of seconds
> - it's fun to do something new :)

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