[Samba] SAMBA write error on SUSE 10.0

Lars Müller lmuelle at SuSE.de
Mon Jan 2 16:51:02 GMT 2006

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 04:35:18PM +0100, LLLActive at GMX.Net wrote:
> Has anything changed w.r.t SuSE 9.3's SUSE 10.0 Samba versions?

The more or less usual version update as you already mentioned.

> Users can log in and see their files. New M$-Windows files and
> directories can be created. The just created new M$-files, including all
> older M$-files, can afterwards not be edited. An error is delivered that
> the user does not have access rights with "Access denied". To try to get
> access, I used one User's account and tried to allow all access from
> Linux (chown -R user:group [User's directory] & chmod -R 777 [User's
> directory]) and Samba's (Share with rw) side. I used SWAT for the
> config. With a text editor in Linux I can change text files. In
> openOffice Writer, I must supply a password for 'WORKGROUP', even though
> the workgroup is set to ZYX

What filesystem are you using?

And which mount options are active?  Type mount to display them.

> I noticed that the link to the documents from localhost:901 (SWAT) is
> faulty in SUSE 10.0.

Have you read the hint provided by SWAT?  SWAT should report 'More
documentation is available at this point if you install the samba-doc
package.'  As soon as you've installed samba-doc you'll have the links
to the documentation.

> Where can it be set? Where is
> http://localhost:901/swat/help/... linked to? It is not in the normal
> Apache www directory /srv/www.

See /usr/share/samba/swat/help/  welcome-no-samba-doc.html is shown if
welcome.html isn't installed and welcome.html and the other
documentation files are packaged in the samba-doc subpackage.

> [data]
> 	comment = All Users
> 	path = /home/user1/Samba/Export/Data
> 	read only = No
> 	inherit permissions = Yes
Remove this ...

> 	inherit acls = Yes

... as you have inherit acls which is what you want.

> [homes]
> 	comment = Home Directories
> 	valid users = %S
> 	read only = No
> 	inherit acls = Yes
> 	browseable = No

That looks fine.

Can you please test your setup with the 3.0.21a packages from
ftp.SuSE.com/pub/projects/samba/3.0/ or
download.Samba.org/samba/ftp/Binary_Packages/SuSE/3.0/ and file a defect
at bugzilla.Samba.org or bugzilla.Novell.com and asssign the bug to
lmuelle @ Samba.org or SuSE.de

Lars Müller [ˈlaː(r)z ˈmʏlɐ]
Samba Team
SuSE Linux, Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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