[Samba] W2003, domain and home dirs

Piotr Legiecki piotrlg at sci.pam.szczecin.pl
Wed Dec 20 11:37:55 GMT 2006


The introduction is a bit long, but the question is really short (last 

Here I have samba 3.0.14a (debian/stable) acting as domain member server 
with home dirs for domain users which are located on the w2003 r2 serwer 
being domain controler.

I have a few problems with this setup, but it is hard to track them. 
Meybe answer to the question below could help me a bit.

Samba once was PDC, than whe have installed w2003 and it was promoted to 
PDC. Also users form samba were transeferd to w2003. OK. Those users had 
in theirs Profiles tab (in user preferences window): Logon folder set to 
(for example): logon.bat and Home folder/Connect (for example): M and 
the path to: \\samba_serwer\user_name\.profiles. And it worked.

Than I wanted to change logon sctipts to GPO specific (so removed 
logon.bat form Profiles tab) and also removed home drive mapping (M: and 
\\samba_serwer\user_name\.profiles) So now I don't have to fill in the 
Profiles tab for every new user, and home drive mapping is setup in the 
logon script:
net use M: \\samba_serwer\%UserName% /PERSISTENT:NO

It is working (so home dirs are mapped to M:), but I wonder why 
previously in the path to the user home dir there was .profiles? Now 
when I have omited this, should I expect some surprises from samba?


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