[Samba] Problem with often password prompt box (security=user)

Michael Coburn mcoburn at jupiterimages.com
Wed Dec 20 15:20:58 GMT 2006

Try setting:
debug level = 3
in your smb.conf file, and tail the logs smbd and (if you have it 
configured) the specific log file for the desktop that is 
re-authenticating numerous times.  Perhaps you can correlate these logs 
against anything logged on the Windows side in Event Viewer.

While I'm not offering any specific quick fixes, I hope this helps you 
diagnose the problem,
Michael Coburn
Enterprise Systems Administrator

Gary Dale wrote:
> Charles Marcus wrote:
>>> a while ago i had to migrate from old server on Debian Sarge to new one
>>> on Debian Etch (amd64).
>> While OS versions are useful, and sometimes necessary, it is more 
>> important to provide the Sambae versions...
>> What was the old old version (on Sarge), and what is the new version 
>> (on Etch)?
> The normal version for Sarge would be 3.0.14a while the current 
> version for Etch (AMD64) is 3.0.23d.

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