[Samba] Samba problem with web farm

Damien 'zaide' Desmarets list at zaide.org
Mon Dec 4 18:55:26 GMT 2006

Hello list,
After using NFS with windows with the SFU windows extensions and somes
sad stories with it, i have decided to migrate to samba.
Good choice cause everything is right except one thing.
I get an error on a ASP .NET application only.
I get a "Failed to start monitoring changes to
I have search on internet and found somes things about this.
First :
I set the value on the client http server to the maximum.
But the message continue to appear.
When I run the filemon.exe i get a :
19:30:27	w3wp.exe:13572	DIRECTORY	\\UNCSERVER\path\aspapplication\	TOO
MANY COMMANDS	Change Notify	
The "TOO MANY COMMANDS" seem to relate to the "MaxCmds", but i have put
at his maximum, in the registry or a samba limitation?
When i browse the repertory from explorer.exe no problems and no errors.
When i restart iis the website work very well but after 10minutes i get
this message.
Nothing appear in the smbstatus in relation with the ASP application...
It run on a unique share path.
I have found some posts who deal with this problem on this list with no
I can give a wireshark capture from a windows http server to a
developer, run my samba in debug mode and make a dump during this occur.

Thanks in advance for the resolution of this problem.


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