[Fwd: Re: [Samba] Migrating to samba from windows NT domain]

James Watkins misterwatto at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 18:10:11 GMT 2006

Yes, this would be possible;

1. Vampire your accounts on to a new Samba DC

2. Disconnect it from network

3. Denote your NT Dc's

4. Rejoin them to the Samba Domain

NOTE: As the other person said, while possible, this would be a bitch of
a job.
You said you need to maintain your NT server anyway, why not just put
the files and printers and what not on samba and leave the user accounts
to NT for the time being. Hell you could even throw your NT hosts inside
a virtualisation product to throw in some redundance / fault tolerance.

Short answer be prepared for a lot of planning, testing, backing up,
recovering before you attempt this.

Otherwise rethink your mode of attack.


On 11/30/06, James Watkins < jamesw at m2tv.com <mailto:jamesw at m2tv.com> >

On Saturday 25 November 2006 10:18, Pere Rodr�guez wrote:

> Unfortunately I have running various services in PDC and BDC servers
> that I must remain after the migrations, so I can't stop PDC and BDC
> servers permanently  after the migration to Samba.
> Can I deactivate PDC and BDC services in Windows NT servers?

According to this document:

(scroll down to the section "Removing a Computer from a Domain")
it is not possible to remove a BDC from a domain without reinstalling
the OS.

However, there are commercial products which claim to be able to
'demote' a BDC to a standalone server, allowing the administrator to
rejoin it to
same, or presumably another domain as a member server.
Note: I have never used any of these products and cannot comment on how
they work, if at all.
I think you may have a lot of work on your hands here since samba is not
to join a domain as a BDC when the PDC is on NT so it's not a simple
demote-promote exercise.  You may need to create a whole new samba-based

domain.  I'm not an expert at this so I can't offer you much practical
but if you decide to go ahead with it, I wish you the very best of luck.

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