[Samba] Moving Samba PDC from one server to another...

Mark Johnson samba at astroshapes.com
Mon Aug 21 16:35:26 GMT 2006

Robert Adkins wrote:
>  ...along with upgrading from the Samba 2.2.x line to the 3.x line.
>    I have been reading through the Samba documentation and haven't 
> found anything regarding moving a Samba PDC from one server to another 
> server and also upgrade the Samba version. Am I looking at a lengthy 
> removing and rejoining of all PCs from the "old" domain to the "new" 
> domain and copying over the application data from their roaming 
> profiles off the old server to the new server?
>    It seems like there should be an "easy" way to handle this.
>    Thanks for any pointers to documentation covering this.
>    -Rob
I am interested in the same.  I am moving from 3.0.22 to 3.0.23b and my 
first attempt was a total disaster.  I simply added the "domain master = 
yes" to the new PDC and set it to no on the old PDC, keeping the same 
domain name.  Things didn't work as expected.  Login scripts didn't 
run.  And I had some issues with Netbios aliases, but I may do something 
different with that anyway.

Is there something that needs migrated, like a .tdb file, that needs 
moved from the old PDC to the new one?  I'm using LDAP as the backend so 
I would imagine all the info the domain needs would be in there.

I also had another issue that may not have been related, but I'll ask.  
It seems like every time I used the new PDC (3.0.23b) and tried to log 
on to a Windows 2003 server as administrator, I would get an 
"lssass.dll" error and the server would reboot on it's own.  I have not 
seen that happen on the old PDC using 3.0.22.



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