[Samba] Moving Samba PDC from one server to another...

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Mon Aug 21 15:39:13 GMT 2006

  ...along with upgrading from the Samba 2.2.x line to the 3.x line.

    I have been reading through the Samba documentation and haven't 
found anything regarding moving a Samba PDC from one server to another 
server and also upgrade the Samba version. Am I looking at a lengthy 
removing and rejoining of all PCs from the "old" domain to the "new" 
domain and copying over the application data from their roaming profiles 
off the old server to the new server?

    It seems like there should be an "easy" way to handle this.

    Thanks for any pointers to documentation covering this.


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