[Samba] Samba & ACLs?

Ian Clancy ClancyIan at cel.ie
Mon Aug 21 13:50:54 GMT 2006

This is actually quite a complex topic. Basically  ...

    * Linux (and other *nix)  generally support Posix ACL's . These are
      similar to but not exactly the same as Window ACL's. I use the
      ext3 filesystem on Linux and this supports ACL's.
    * Get familiar with posix ACL's . Play around with getfacl and
      setfacl on your unix box. Here is a good article on ACL's on Linux
      http://www.vanemery.com/Linux/ACL/linux-acl.html .
    * Samba attempts to map Posix ACL's to Windows ACL's . This would
      explain the difference in permissions you are seeing when creating
      a file locally or remotely via windows. You'll find the specific
      documentation on the on the samba website. There are a number of
      paremeters in the smb.conf which control this specific behaviour .

Hope that helps.

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Chuck Kollars wrote:
> How exactly do Samba 3.x and ACLs interrelate? With
> the mount parameter I've turned on ACLs on the whole
> filesystem that Samba has various pointers into
> (including all the home directories and the netlogon).
> I started out naively assuming that the *nix
> uidNumber/gidNumber Samba mapped the end user to would
> behave exactly the same whether they were a Samba user
> or were logged on locally. But my experience is a file
> created through Samba and a file created locally by
> `touch` do _not_ necessarily have the exact same
> permissions/ACLs. Most likely there's some pattern to
> what permissions/ACLs are actually created by Samba;
> but I haven't succeeded in figuring it out. 
> What's the recipe for figuring out exactly what
> permissions/ACLs a file created through Samba will
> actually be given?
> thanks!
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