[Samba] Replacing Windows account with local account.

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Mon Aug 14 03:45:12 GMT 2006

Stephen Carville wrote:
> OK, I'm stumped.
> I have a Samba server (v3.0.20a) with security=DOMAIN and using winbind
> to authenticate non-local users against a W2K domain controller. This
> setup happily serves out home directories and about six other shares.
> I need to add a local UNIX account for a formerly Windows only user.
> When I try useradd I get: user <username> exists.  This makes sense
> becasue of winbind.  What I cannot figure out is how 'erase' him so I
> can create a local user account.  I've read thru the man ages but I
> can't see how to do this.

Did you try removing the account from Windows?

Otherwise, what does he need as a Unix user? Does his account exist in 
the /etc/passwd file or is it just his "home" directory that exists 
locally? If the former, it would seem you don't need to create his 
account. If the latter, did you try renaming his old home directory?

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