[Samba] Replacing Windows account with local account.

Stephen Carville effcee at heronforge.net
Mon Aug 14 03:59:34 GMT 2006

Gary Dale wrote:
> Stephen Carville wrote:
>> OK, I'm stumped.
>> I have a Samba server (v3.0.20a) with security=DOMAIN and using winbind
>> to authenticate non-local users against a W2K domain controller. This
>> setup happily serves out home directories and about six other shares.
>> I need to add a local UNIX account for a formerly Windows only user.
>> When I try useradd I get: user <username> exists.  This makes sense
>> becasue of winbind.  What I cannot figure out is how 'erase' him so I
>> can create a local user account.  I've read thru the man ages but I
>> can't see how to do this.
> Did you try removing the account from Windows?

No. He needs a Windows account too.  If nothing else for email.  I could 
remove the account and the recreate it afterwards but I was hoping for a 
more elegant solution.

> Otherwise, what does he need as a Unix user? Does his account exist in 
> the /etc/passwd file or is it just his "home" directory that exists 
> locally? If the former, it would seem you don't need to create his 
> account. If the latter, did you try renaming his old home directory?

There is no account in /etc/passwd.  That is what I need to create.  He 
now needs access to the UNIX systems as well as Windows systems.

I don't see how delteing his home directory will buy me anything.

Thank you for your reply.

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