[Samba] Samba, Home Directories and Roaming Profiles

Miguel Da Silva cibonato at fcien.edu.uy
Sun Aug 6 23:21:50 GMT 2006

On Sun,  6 Aug 2006 10:28:00 -0500
tim at qfoke.com wrote:

> Hey guys,
> Got an interesting problem for you all.
> I am currently running Samba 3.0212 on a Fedora Core 5 server.  I am trying to
> set up the users' home directories and profile paths.
> This is how I want it to work.
> I have a share called "Home" to store all the home directories.  So for example
> the home directory path would be \\server\home\user.  I want to set the Profile
> path to \\server\home\user\Profile.
> However, when I try and change the defaults using pdbedit using 'pdbedit user
> -h"\\\\server\\home\\user" -p"\\\\server\\home\\user\\Profile"', it doesn't
> actually change.  The home directory is still \\server\user, and the profile is
> still \\server\user\profile.
> Is there any reason this happens?
> Cheers!

Does the share "Home" includes the option "path"?

The problems you have seem to be related to the "path" options used in the shares "Home" and "Profiles".

To change the path of the profiles you need to create a share called "profiles" and there set right the path where the profiles is indeed stored.

Read the section "SPECIAL SECTIONS" off the smb.conf manpage. There you will find how to set correctly the paths to use.

Good luck.

Miguel Da Silva.
Servicio de Informatica.
Facultad de Ciencias.

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