[Samba] managing Win2K3 ACL from debian server

Vincent Malien samba.4.v_malien at spamgourmet.com
Wed Aug 2 07:09:01 GMT 2006

Dear Stephen,

thanks for your help, with the the command line:
 mount -t cifs //mywin2k3server/share /mnt/smb/mountingfolder -o
I can access to win2k3-hosted shares.
The first problem is solved, but the second is still there; 
it seems that cifs isn't more compatible with Win2K3 ACLs than smbfs.
When I execute:
 setfacl -m u:domainuser:w /mnt/smb/mountingfolder/afile
The answer is still: "Not supported operation ".
Do you know if there is an other way to do this?


Vincent MALIEN

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