[Samba] wins problem, "netbios aliases" never gets updated in the wins

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Tue Apr 25 03:24:22 GMT 2006

I found a problem with samba and the wins service.
I was running samba on a static ip acting as a pdc. With a "SERVER" 
netbios name.
The thing is I change the static IP to and i rename the 
server in the
netbios name parameter to "BDCALMA". Then, i put the netbios alieases to 
"SERVER" so this way everyone will find the old name.
The problem is that the wins server (once i delete the wins.dat file) 
regenerate and the SERVER still points to the old IP and to the new one. 
The first is the old, so all the windows in the network only see the 
first IP y cannot connect to the new server by the "SERVER" name.
How did I solve this? I change the "netbios name" to server, reload 
samba, the wins was correctly updateted and I then was able to return 
the "netbios name" to the new one.

In short words, the "netbios aliases" never gets updated in the wins.

Samba version 3.014a, Debian stable.

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