[Samba] how to use recycle:excludedir

Gaspedalo Geraldini gaspedalo at gmx.at
Thu Apr 20 09:38:15 GMT 2006

I've Samba 3.0.14a running without hassles on a ubuntu machine. Just one
detail is bugging me. The recycle:excludedir doesn't seam to work.
I've tried several options: absolute paths, relative paths, with and without
comma...restarting samba, reloading, logging off and on. no chance

this is my share:

        comment = put projects here
        path = /mnt/raid/projects
        valid users = root, @projects-read, @projects-write
        read list = @projects-read
        write list = root, @projects-write
        force group = projects-write
        create mask = 0775
        force create mode = 0775
        force security mode = 0775
        directory mask = 0775
        force directory mode = 0775

     ;recycle bin options
        vfs objects = recycle
        recycle:repository = .Papierkorb
        recycle:keeptree = No
        recycle:versions = No
        recycle:touch = Yes
        ;recycle:touch_mtime = Yes
        recycle:exclude = *.tmp,*.temp,~$*,*.~??,*.bak
        recycle:excludedir = /0002_Footage
        recycle:noversions =
        recycle:maxsize = 0

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