[Samba] file transfer problem

Elvar elvar at ooz.net
Thu Apr 13 00:30:53 GMT 2006

Elvar wrote:
> Elvar wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm having a problem copying large amounts of data from our Win2k3 
>> server to a samba share on the samba server. I've turned debugging on 
>> in the smb.conf file all the way up to level 10 and I still do not 
>> see what is causing my file transfers to abort. It consistently 
>> aborts copying files as small as 10 gigs even. I've read through the 
>> performance tuning section in the handbook and tried those options, 
>> but I'm still not having any luck. I tried copying the same data 
>> using ftp instead and did not have any problems so I do not think 
>> there is a physical networking problem. If anyone has any suggestions 
>> I would greatly appreciate them.
>> Kind regards,
>> Elvar
> More on this file transfer problem. I can run ntbackup to a share on 
> another random WinXP or 2K workstation just fine without problems. The 
> size of the backup I used in my test was 50G in size. Just to try and 
> change things up I removed FreeBSD as the host OS for the samba box 
> and installed gentoo linux with the same smb.conf hoping that maybe 
> for some insane reason it was an OS problem. Negative, the same exact 
> problem is still happening. Large transfers or even transfers that are 
> large consisting of many files will fail at random times. It rarely 
> ever lasts longer than 10 mins, sometimes 5. Again, I don't thin it's 
> the hardware to the samba box because I can ftp 50G's across just 
> fine. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate some assistance.
> Thanks,
> Elvar

And more...
    I found that I CAN run an ntbackup job from a Win2k workstation and 
it will complete a 30G backup to the samba box just fine. So, it looks 
like the only issue is large data transfers from WinXP workstations and 
Win2k3 servers. If that tidbit of info gives anyone any other ideas as 
to what may be wrong, feel free to speak up. :)


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