[Samba] Re: File Permissions

Blaž Primc expertmeant at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 22:31:32 GMT 2006

What wrong? How much is many for you?

Best regards, Blaz Primc.

Bruno Guerreiro wrote:
> Hi,
> You must use ACL's.
> Your Kernel+FileSystem must suport it and samba must have been compiled with
> acl support.
> But just one personnal remark, the path you're trying to walk (many
> different permissions at different directory levels) is a dangerous one.
> Trust me.
> I've been there, done that, and fortunely fled away from it.
> Best Regards,
> Bruno Guerreiro
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>>I trying to grasp the file permissions on Linux.  I have 
>>Samba installed and functioning properly...
>>I think I understand perimission in this environment with one 
>>I need to add more than one group to a file/folder.  With 
>>Windows..the security tab would allow any number of Groups 
>>and each group could have different permissions.  (As well 
>>with files and subdirectories).  With Linux Im not "seeing" 
>>this ability to add multiple groups to a file/folder.  Is 
>>this a limitation to the Linux environment?  We have several 
>>situations where we allow a user to "List Content" but down 
>>into the folder structure allow the user to Read some folders 
>>and others Read/Write. 
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