[Samba] 3.0.22 Cups shares naming mixed up

Paul Vlenterie Paul.Vlenterie at wldelft.nl
Tue Apr 11 15:14:19 GMT 2006

Best Samba-list,

This message is about a reproducable problem regarding Samba printing 
using cups.
Expected results: Print shares should match the CUPS defined configuration.
Results              : 1st Print shares get mixed up: "the sharename 
becomes the Comment"
                           2nd Print shares are missing

We pin-pointed one possible source of the problem down to the 
Description field of lpadmin.
(FYI: adding a printer
  # lpadmin -p $printername -E -v socket://$printername -m raw -D 
"$description" -L "$location" )
So far we found one workaround by using the same description for all 64 

Best regards,
Paul and Leroy @ WL - The Netherlands
( Please CC Paul<dot>Vlenterie<at>wldelft.nl since we're not enlisted )
System details:
OS - RedHat Enterprise 4U2 32-bit running on Intel
Samba 3.0.22 compiled from source with cups support
Vendor supplied CUPS ( cups-1.1.22-0.rc1.9.8 )

Example one "mixing the shares up":
hk0oce1|Printer abc:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk0oce1:
hk1cls1|Another label:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1cls1:
hk1oce1|Something 123:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1oce1:
hk3las1|Just another printer:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3las1:
etc etc. till 64 printers...

Example two "Now it works"
hk0oce1|Printer at:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk0oce1:
hk1cls1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1cls1:
hk1oce1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk1oce1:
hk2oce2|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk2oce2:
hk3las1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3las1:
hk3occ1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3occ1:
hk3oce1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk3oce1:
hk4las1|Printer at WL:rm=lphost2.wldelft.nl:rp=hk4las1:
etc etc. till 64 printers...

Partial smb.conf:
comment         = All Printers
path            = /drbd/lphost/spool
browseable      = yes
guest ok        = yes
writable        = no
printable       = yes

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