[Samba] File Permissions

Bruno Guerreiro bruno.guerreiro at ine.pt
Tue Apr 11 14:18:26 GMT 2006

You must use ACL's.
Your Kernel+FileSystem must suport it and samba must have been compiled with
acl support.
But just one personnal remark, the path you're trying to walk (many
different permissions at different directory levels) is a dangerous one.
Trust me.
I've been there, done that, and fortunely fled away from it.

Best Regards,
Bruno Guerreiro

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> Hello
> I trying to grasp the file permissions on Linux.  I have 
> Samba installed and functioning properly...
> I think I understand perimission in this environment with one 
> exception:
> I need to add more than one group to a file/folder.  With 
> Windows..the security tab would allow any number of Groups 
> and each group could have different permissions.  (As well 
> with files and subdirectories).  With Linux Im not "seeing" 
> this ability to add multiple groups to a file/folder.  Is 
> this a limitation to the Linux environment?  We have several 
> situations where we allow a user to "List Content" but down 
> into the folder structure allow the user to Read some folders 
> and others Read/Write. 
> Thanks
> Regards,
> Komal
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