[Samba] file transfer problem

Elvar elvar at ooz.net
Tue Apr 11 03:14:13 GMT 2006


I'm having a problem copying large amounts of data from our Win2k3 
server to a samba share on the samba server. I've turned debugging on in 
the smb.conf file all the way up to level 10 and I still do not see what 
is causing my file transfers to abort. It consistently aborts copying 
files as small as 10 gigs even. I've read through the performance tuning 
section in the handbook and tried those options, but I'm still not 
having any luck. I tried copying the same data using ftp instead and did 
not have any problems so I do not think there is a physical networking 
problem. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

Kind regards,

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