[Samba] WINS and domain controller

Will Payne will at teambadger.co.uk
Thu Sep 29 14:30:19 GMT 2005


Is there any way to 'administer' Samba's WINS database? I'm attempting to 
get Samba to take over our NT servers' current functionality so that we 
can ditch them entirely. I've enabled WINS support and told our DHCP 
server to point at it. Is there any way of viewing it's database to see if 
it's working? 

Also, our XP boxes connect to a domain which is currently administered on 
one of our NT boxes but I want Samba to take over this job. All our users 
already exist as system users but I'm assuming I'll need to add them all 
again using smbpasswd? And once they're set up, how can I set privileges? 
Is there any way to set certain users as administrators?

Sorry if this is all documented somewhere but if it is, I can't find it..

Ta, Will

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