[Samba] Forcing DOMAIN GROUP from Windows 2000 AD for RHEL3 shared directory

Daniel Gochenour dgochenour at thielegeotech.com
Thu Sep 29 14:19:31 GMT 2005

I have a RHEL box running samba for a file sharing server using the windows
2000 active directory accounts.  Everything works fine with the security and
everyone has read-write access to the files, but I am forcing the group
settings, but it seems that the users settings are being pushed as well.
Each user in the group should have rights to delete the files if need be,
but they can not.  The only people that can delete are the original file
owners.  Yes these are Word and Excel files as well as the general directory
Can I force just the group on all of these so everyone can have full control
over the files?  I swear that this worked in the original setup I did on
this server, but it seems to be broken now.
On another note if I may ask:
I also could originally use SWAT from my workstation to administer Samba,
but now it seems that I always have to go directly to the machine to do it.
How do I re-enable my ability to remotely log in to SWAT.
I haven't changed the settings file since the I originally put it in 1.5
year ago, and have somewhat forgotten all the steps I took to get it
The problems of being the lone IT guy in a small company......

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