[Samba] Different parsing alg. on smb&winbind for separator

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Sep 13 17:15:08 GMT 2005

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Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
| Speculation?? Any developers here want to comment? Is this a known bug?
| It must be that the two programs (winbindd & smbd) use different
| algorithms to parse the winbind separator since winbind definitely grabs
| the first character whatever it might be while the "samba" program (I
| assume it is smbd) can parse the quote character (") as a quote and grab
| the character contained within, e.g. the restart after changing
| separator to "+". (I'm not as concerned as to what causes winbind to
| reread the smb.conf file after running for awhile. If the parsing worked
| okay then that wouldn't be a problem.)
| I'm running my server in "domain" mode.
| jeff
| Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
|> Hi,
|> Has anyone seen this behavior before:
|> - Set winbind separator = +
|> - Start winbind, start samba
|> - cannot authenticate users
|> - change winbind separator = "+"
|> - Restart samba
|> - Authentication works okay for several days
|> - somehow after several days, the separator gets changed to ", i.e.
|> the double quote, at which point it no longer authenticates users okay.

That's a broken config.  The winbind separator is
a single character.  There's a lot of code that does
snprintf( ...., "%s%c%s", domain, *lp_winbind_separator(), user);

That's what you are hitting.  Fix smb.conf.

cheers, jerry
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