[Samba] Different parsing alg. on smb&winbind for separator

Jeffrey B. Green greenj at cpsc.ucalgary.ca
Tue Sep 13 15:49:06 GMT 2005

Speculation?? Any developers here want to comment? Is this a known bug? 
It must be that the two programs (winbindd & smbd) use different 
algorithms to parse the winbind separator since winbind definitely grabs 
the first character whatever it might be while the "samba" program (I 
assume it is smbd) can parse the quote character (") as a quote and grab 
the character contained within, e.g. the restart after changing 
separator to "+". (I'm not as concerned as to what causes winbind to 
reread the smb.conf file after running for awhile. If the parsing worked 
okay then that wouldn't be a problem.)

I'm running my server in "domain" mode.


Jeffrey B. Green wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone seen this behavior before:
> - Set winbind separator = +
> - Start winbind, start samba
> - cannot authenticate users
> - change winbind separator = "+"
> - Restart samba
> - Authentication works okay for several days
> - somehow after several days, the separator gets changed to ", i.e. 
> the double quote, at which point it no longer authenticates users okay.
> jeff

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