[Samba] Migration from Windows 2003 server to samba 3

Charles McLaughlin cmclaughlin at ucdavis.edu
Mon Oct 31 16:36:04 GMT 2005

Search for pwdump2.exe.  That program can extract Windows password 
hashes and will allow you to craft a smbpasswd file.


On 10/28/2005 11:53 AM, Jonathan Johnson wrote:
> To my knowledge, it's not possible to migrate the passwords from Windows 
> to Samba, and vice-versa. This is because Windows and Linux both use 
> one-way hashes to encrypt the password; there's no way to decrypt the 
> password. Unfortunately, Windows and Linux use different algorithms to 
> encrypt the password, so you can't just copy the encrypted password 
> between systems, like you could if you were going Windows-to-Windows or 
> Linux-to-Linux.
> What I'd recommend is assigning the passwords on paper ahead of time, 
> getting them out to people with appropriate instructions , and then 
> requiring the password be changed at the first logon once you go live 
> with it.
> (Sample instructions: "You have been assigned the temporary password of 
> RgYx7e# -- you must use this temporary password on or after 
> such-and-such date; after this date your old password WILL NOT WORK. 
> When you log in with the temporary password on or after such-and-such 
> date, you will be required to change it before you will gain access to 
> your desktop. After you change the password you will use the new 
> password you create from then on -- your old password and the temporary 
> password will no longer work")
> If I'm wrong, I hope I'll be corrected.
> ~Jonathan
> M.R.Niranjan wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I have windows 2003 server with Active directory users , there are 
>> about 500
>> users. I have an Linux Server with Redhat Enterprise Linux Advanced 
>> server 3
>> With samba 3.0 installed in . I would like to migrate all active 
>> directory
>> users to samba 3.0 making it a primary domain controller and shut down 
>> the
>> Windows system. But I would like to know, how do I migrate users 
>> passwords
>> from Active directory to samba 3.0. I would like to retain the same 
>> username
>> and
>> Passwords as in windows. So how do get the passwords from windows to 
>> samba
>> 3.0
>> Regards
>> Niranjan

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