[Samba] getpwnam user not on domain

Daniel Cheong daniel at kgv.net
Mon Oct 31 06:57:26 GMT 2005

I wonder anyone has came across this problem I have facing. Currently
running 3.0.20b as member of W2K3 AD, I have a third party educational
software that runs from a samba share which is available for all students.

Somehow, I find that CPU is running high in % with server slowing down and
winbind users not resolving properly to username from GID. I notice that a
lot of these messages are generated:


It seems to me there is a peace of coding in the applicaton that run as/by
user 'Andrew Leggett' and winbind is complaining it doesn't not exist on
the domain which obviously is the case.

Can anyone has clue how I can disable getpwnam user 'unknown' to the domain?

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