[Samba] Problems with Samba <=> CUPS and Samba <=> Windows

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Thu Oct 27 19:16:23 GMT 2005

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Manuel Graumann schrieb:
> There are two problems I have with Samba
> My system: Suse Linux, Kernel version, Samba version
> 3.0.20-0.1-SUSE
> 1st problem: If I put my outlook.pst on my Samba server and tell my Outlook
> to use the network path to it, it screws up after some weeks. The file is
> about 240 MB large but I don't think that does matter. I don't have any
> other files having problems.
size does matter cause psts are a special kind of file, further
dont enable any vfs virusscan on a share which hosts pst files
try this entries to have better performance

locking = No
oplocks = False
level2 oplocks = False
in the pst share

> I already tried to disable kernel oplocks and to map the path to a local
> drive but it didn't help. What can I do?
> 2nd problem: I use CUPS with Samba. If I try to cancel my printjobs via
> Windows spooler, it comes up with an "access denied" notice. Looking into
> the error log it reads: cancel_job: "anonymous" not authorized to delete job
> id 156004 owned by "M-Y-U-S-E-R-N-A-M-E"!
the job is owned by cups ( or root etc ) , you try to delete it as user
( just guessing here )
check permissions of /var/spool/samba
and in the share settings
> What is wrong? My jobs get my username on it, but my cancel commands don't?
> I'd appreciate any useful help :)
> Thx in advance
> Manuel
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