[Samba] Problems with Samba <=> CUPS and Samba <=> Windows

Manuel Graumann mgraumann at gc-heat.de
Thu Oct 27 06:49:01 GMT 2005

There are two problems I have with Samba

My system: Suse Linux, Kernel version, Samba version

1st problem: If I put my outlook.pst on my Samba server and tell my Outlook
to use the network path to it, it screws up after some weeks. The file is
about 240 MB large but I don't think that does matter. I don't have any
other files having problems.

I already tried to disable kernel oplocks and to map the path to a local
drive but it didn't help. What can I do?

2nd problem: I use CUPS with Samba. If I try to cancel my printjobs via
Windows spooler, it comes up with an "access denied" notice. Looking into
the error log it reads: cancel_job: "anonymous" not authorized to delete job
id 156004 owned by "M-Y-U-S-E-R-N-A-M-E"!

What is wrong? My jobs get my username on it, but my cancel commands don't?

I'd appreciate any useful help :)

Thx in advance


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