[Samba] smbtorture with the "-L" option

gangshac at post.tau.ac.il gangshac at post.tau.ac.il
Thu Oct 27 12:40:49 GMT 2005


I am using samba 3.0.14a as my samba server and tested it with smbtorture.

I noticed that there is a "-L" option to use oplocks within the test.
I ran the DENY2 test with this option and all the 640 scenarios this test tries
I have some questions regarding this issue:
1. How the "-L" option change the test?
2. What does it mean "using oplocks" with this option? As I understand when
running tests like DENY2 or LOCK[1-7] or OPLOCK[1-3] already use the oplock
3. Should the DENY2 test should failed when using the "-L" option?
4. Should I use this option at all?


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