AW: AW: AW: [Samba] Migration to Samba using external LDAPserver(CLARIFICATION NEEDED)

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Tue Oct 25 21:40:04 GMT 2005

If you provide Samba with the ACLs during the copy -- and if the userid
mapping is working -- the permissions and such will be preserved
describes a list of tools that will copy with ACL preservation

On 10/25/2005 2:50 PM, Pseudomizer wrote:
> Thank you Matthew for this information but you told me what we have already
> in place. So every tool you mentioned like rsync, tar, robocopy, xcopy is
> already in place to copy the files to maintain the permissions.
> The question will be what happens after the copy process? The files are now
> copied to the new destination folder and now I have files there where the
> owner of the file will be the windows user account who copied the file from
> A to B. Assuming that there will be additional entries in the ACLs an
> inherit of the permissions will not help here. The files will have entries
> associated with specific SIDs.
> Will Samba be able to create the mapping to these "old permissions" when one
> of the windows users try to access his files or other files?
> Regards,
> Pseudomizer
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> On Oct 24, 2005, at 1:43 PM, Pseudomizer wrote:
>>If we would copy the data with simple xcopy or robocopy using e.g.  
>>an admin
>>account from the domain, then the files which will be created have  
>>owner? Will the permissions still remain?
> Other poster mentioned rsync.  That or tar can preserve permissions  
> as they are in the original file. You can run them over SSH to  
> transfer files to another server.
> Not clear to me from your post whether you will need to run a tool on  
> windows to move the data around.  If so, there is at least the  
> windows ssh client called putty
> and a win32 port of tar
> but I suppose that once you tar up the files, you can simply drag  
> them into a share on the new server and untar them with the -p flag.
> Aha.  Now I see you may have some issue mapping the old windows user  
> to the new linux user uid. You can instead force user and group by  
> manipulating the attributes of the enclosing directory.
>   -- see the earlier thread "[Samba] See inherit user, need inherit  
> group"

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