[Samba] Advices for Samba and OpenLDAP

Michael Gasch gasch at eva.mpg.de
Fri Oct 21 13:02:04 GMT 2005

> We are running almost 30 OpenLDAP (2.2.20 nd 2.2.24) servers (masters, 
> slaves).
> No weird behaviour so far (we didn't torture it though).
want to have my script :) ?

> We are running a ldbm backend (so it doesn't need a DB_CONFIG file).
we had trouble with ldbm - it didn't crash but some entries simply were 
missing after some minutes of running slapd, samba couldn't find some 
users/groups although they were in the database, ldapsearch -x 
uid=someuser sometimes returns "dn: uid=someuser" and sometimes not and 
so on. may be it was a caching/indexing issue?

> In your case I'd upgrade to a newest 2.2.x version, and if the problem 
> still happens, ask at OpenLDAP mailing lists, as it's a problem with 
> OpenLDAP really, not with Samba.
i know and already did that. but this list is good visited so i saw a 
chance to find someone with the same problems or more experience

my old ldapservers run fine with ldbm. but there were only 30 users in 
the DIT - not comparable to our new ldapserver for >1000 users

thx so far


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