[Samba] Advices for Samba and OpenLDAP

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Fri Oct 21 11:13:54 GMT 2005

Michael Gasch schrieb:
> hi list,
> we have some trouble with openldap (back-bdb) and samba. i think it's 
> more a problem with openldap and bdb 
> (http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-bugs/200510/msg00185.html) but i 
> want to know something about your experiences with openldap in large 
> enterprises.
> what are your settings for slapd and bdb?
> or is there a better backend for slapd than bdb?
> which software versions are you using?
> did you make changes to DB_CONFIG?
> we tortured slapd with a perl script (50 instances of it parallel) which 
> reads ~1000 user passwords from slapd1 and writes it to another slapd 
> (different host) with $ldap->modify. we can reproducable crash our ldap 
> server or its backend with this script. but that should not happen - 
> it's just a simple perl script :-/

We are running almost 30 OpenLDAP (2.2.20 nd 2.2.24) servers (masters, 
No weird behaviour so far (we didn't torture it though).

The packages were taken either from the distribution, or from the 
"devel" tree of a distribution (if they were from a "devel", all we did 
was rpm --rebuild openldap...version.src.rpm).

We are running a ldbm backend (so it doesn't need a DB_CONFIG file).

In your case I'd upgrade to a newest 2.2.x version, and if the problem 
still happens, ask at OpenLDAP mailing lists, as it's a problem with 
OpenLDAP really, not with Samba.

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