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Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 23:45:51 GMT 2005

Gerald, hi.  Thanks for the quick reply, I apparently missed it, so 
thanks for the archives too!  How do I get a level 10 debug log?  I'm 
not totally familiar with samba yet, so I'm not sure about how to do 
that, but once I receive your reply, I will be more than happy to send it.

Thanks again, as well as in advance!


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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 > Dustin Navea wrote:
 > | Hi, I downloaded the binaries for samba yesterday for redhat 9.0, 
  > and installed them without error.  Managed to get swat up and 
running > and configured samba, the same way I configured my other linux 
        > (slackware 10.2) box, and started samba thru swat.  But when 
the      > status page reloads, it shows smbd and winbindd as not 
running,       > although it shows nmbd running.  When i check the ps 
list, it shows 2 > smbd processes, 1 nmbd process, and 0 winbindd procs. 
  Checking the   > logs for smbd and winbindd reveals the same errors i 
get in my        > slackware samba logs, except that on the redhat box, 
it panics and    > apparently dies.  If the logs are needed, I can 
provide them.
 > ????  Hmm.... What Samba version?  Can you send me a level
 > 10 debug log of the crash?
 > cheers, jerry
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