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Sun Oct 9 23:41:09 GMT 2005

"Hans du Plooy" <hansdp-lists at sagacit.com> wrote in message
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> On Sunday 09 October 2005 03:47, jamrock wrote:
> > Note that most people use Enterprise Manager to backup from SQL to the
> > local drive.  They then use backup software to backup from disk to tape
> > disk to disk.
> Thanks for the link - gives me an idea of where to start hacking on it.
> We are actually using another product, Cortex Backupassist, which works
like a
> charm and has no problem backup up to a samba share.  But the guys who set
> the SQL server before us had Enterprise Manager do the backups to local
> These backups are now getting to big, and fill up the disc with every
> And for the life of me I cannot get Enterprise Manager to delete that
> schedule.  So I thought, well, double backups isn't such a bad idea, I
> need to get them diverted somewhere else...
> Thanks
> Hans
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Have you configured Enterprise Manager to remove backups older than a
specified number of days?

How have you tried to remove the Database Maintenance Schedule?

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