[Samba] Re: MS SQL server and samba

Leon Brooks leon-samba at cyberknights.com.au
Mon Oct 10 03:00:38 GMT 2005

On Sunday 09 October 2005 09:47, jamrock wrote:
> Note that most people use Enterprise Manager to backup from SQL to
> the local drive.  They then use backup software to backup from disk
> to tape or disk to disk.

I have two customers doing something similar. They each have a small 
MS-ADO program (one written in Delphi, one VB) which dumps the 
database(s) out completely as SQL text, which then gets backed up.

I know that there are OS-portable SyBase-oriented utilities around which 
can do the same from *n[iu]x, because I've done this by hand a while 
ago (IIRC, from a Digital Unix box). These would allow "one" to manage 
"one's" entire backup from the Samba box.

Cheers; Leon

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