[Samba] Samba 3.20 Solaris questions PLEASE HELP!

Matt Marcus unixwizard at gmail.com
Sun Oct 2 02:27:10 GMT 2005

 I have samba 3.20 running in test on Solaris 8 and 9 beautifully it is
curently configured as a Domain Client it authenticates using winbind and
nsswitch libraries using ADS with windows 2003 server. I have krb5 and ldap
working just fine but I now find myself with a mess of bugs and questions
and I could really use some of your expertise in the matters so here they
go, Thank you soooo much in advance to anyone who has some answers for me.
 1 - Does PAM have to be configured when using winbind and samba 3 in an ADS
environment? Everything is currently working and I've done nothing to
configure PAM, yet all online documetation states this is a necissary step?
 2 - Can samba 3 still use ads and winbind without adding winbind to
nsswitch.conf? If not is there anyway to force winbind to leave all
applications with the exception of samba out of its control eg helios
admsrv, afpserv or anything else installed on the system that may consult
nsswitch that knows nothing about domains or winbind?
 3 - Why does wbinfo -u fail to return entries from the domain controler
periodically? Is this normal behavior or did I mess up configuration
 4 - wbinfo -u seems to work 80% of the time but when it takes a long time
to query the domain controller access to any service on the sun server is

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