[Samba] Samba 3.20 Solaris questions PLEASE HELP!

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon Oct 3 12:46:15 GMT 2005

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Matt Marcus wrote:

|  1 - Does PAM have to be configured when using winbind
| and samba 3 in an ADS environment? Everything is currently
| working and I've done nothing to configure PAM, yet
| all online documetation states this is a necissary step?

No.  You only need PAM if you want to use pam (or build pam_winbindd.so)

|  2 - Can samba 3 still use ads and winbind without
| adding winbind to nsswitch.conf? If not is there anyway
| to force winbind to leave all applications with the
| exception of samba out of its control eg helios
| admsrv, afpserv or anything else installed on the
| system that may consult nsswitch that knows
| nothing about domains or winbind?

Samba has to have a uid/gid for each user/group in the
Windows domain.  If you don't want to use the global
/etc/nsswitch.conf, you could use a chroot environment
or a Solaris 10 zone.

|  3 - Why does wbinfo -u fail to return entries from
| the domain controler periodically? Is this normal
| behavior or did I mess up configuration someplace?

No.  wbinfo -u should consistently return all users.

|  4 - wbinfo -u seems to work 80% of the time but
| when it takes a long time to query the domain
| controller access to any service on the sun server is
| slow?

enumerating users and groups is slow.  We're working
on fixing this but for now you might just prefer to
set 'winbind enum {users,groups} = no' in smb.conf.
This will break any applications that use
{set,get,end}{pw,gr}ent() but such application tend to
be fairly rare tehse days (although IIRC id and finger are
one of them).

cheers, jerry
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