[Samba] Clarification: Can Windows 'Network Drive' name be changed ?

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Fri Nov 18 00:38:53 GMT 2005

Hi Gary,

> Thank you to those who replied. You all mentioned "server string". A
> couple of you went a little further and accused me of not "reading the
> xxxxxxx manual". Thank you for the reminder but I am well aware of the
> protocol for using bulletin boards, forums, mailing lists, etc. In
> fact I had already read the online Samba guide, and two sets of man
> pages, and I had already seen and tried "server string" without
> success. 

I think the problem was you didn't actually say in your original post
that you'd done all this, so everyone just assumed you hadn't read the
manual.  It might be a good idea in future to mention a few of the
things you've tried, as it gives everyone the impression that you've
actually gone to the effort of trying to figure it out yourself.  If
you don't say this it can look like you're too lazy to read the
manual, which is what makes everyone annoyed.


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