[Samba] Clarification: Can Windows 'Network Drive' name be changed ?

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Thu Nov 17 14:50:41 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 14:42 +0000, Gary Roussak wrote:
> This morning I placed a post on this mailing list as follows:
> In Windows Explorer, 'Network Drives' section, the Samba share I've set
> up is described as:
> share on 'Samba 3.0.14a-0.4-SUSE (Our_server_IP_Address)' (K:)
> Is there any way of configuring Samba to display something other than
> "Samba 3.0.14a-0.4-SUSE (Our_server_IP_Address)" as the Network Drive
> description, for example:
> share on 'Our Samba Server' (K:) 
> I've had a look through man smb.conf but cannot find anything.
> Thank you to those who replied. You all mentioned "server string". A
> couple of you went a little further and accused me of not "reading the
> xxxxxxx manual". Thank you for the reminder but I am well aware of the
> protocol for using bulletin boards, forums, mailing lists, etc. In fact
> I had already read the online Samba guide, and two sets of man pages,
> and I had already seen and tried "server string" without success.
> It is also protocol to not be offensive on mailing lists, so perhaps
> you could refrain from that in the future.
> My post used the specific words "Network Drive name" for a good reason.
> If in Windows XP, you open up Network Places, there are normally four
> columns: "Name", "Comments", "Computer" and "Network Location". I can
> change the content of the "Computer" column by using "server string" in
> smb.conf, but I actually wanted to be able to change the string 'Samba
> 3.0.14a-0.4-SUSE (Our_server_IP_Address)' that appears in the "Name"
> column.
> To clarify, my question was whether this was changeable from the server
> configuration.
use 'comment' in each share...

[Linux stuff]
        comment = Linux Updates
        writeable = yes
        create mode = 775
        path = /home/Linux
        directory mode = 775


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