[Samba] pdbedit and smbpasswd

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Thu Nov 17 18:14:10 GMT 2005

I've been told smbpasswd does not support password aging.  You need to 
use tdbsam for that.

See http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2005-March/101447.html


cm told me on 10/31/2005 09:26:
> Hi,
> maybe a easy question, but I didn't found any answers in mailinglists or 
> google.....
> The pdbedit account settings like "password lifetime" seem not to work 
> if I use smbpasswd backend. Is this statement correct?
> In my opinion this setting should also work because the last set time is 
> saved in the smbpasswd file.
> And one more question:
> Might the account settings have any negative impact if I use the 
> smbpasswd backend or will they just be useless?
> Thanks in advance ...

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