[Samba] Forcing Password Changes

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Thu Nov 17 19:46:40 GMT 2005

Actually two issues on this subject.  Migrating to a new system. First, 
I want to set all accounts so when the user logs in the first time, he 
is asked to set a new password.

Second, I need to have passwords expire and require a change every 3 months.

As I understand it, First, I need to set "Password must change: " to 
'0'.  For the second one, I need to set the maximum password age.

I am using the tdbsam password backend.  The command I found to reset 
the password was "pdbedit --pwd-must-change-time=0 -u <user>".  When I 
run this, I get a response of "<user>:507:<Real Name>".  However, after 
looking at it with "pdbedit -L -v <user>"  Nothing changes.

I also cannot find anywhere to change the password maximum age.

Ideas appreciated.


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