[Samba] is this a DNS resolution problem ? bad news

Valéry Roché vroche at univ-poitiers.fr
Thu Nov 17 08:54:33 GMT 2005


It seems that no one cares about this problem, but it's a very pregnant 
I explain the problem again : if the PDC is listenning on only one 
interface, everything works good. If  I configure it to listen on all 
its interfaces, it works well if it listens on the loopback interface.
It has worked well yesterday, for example, but I need a good network 
configuration on the client side (Netbios over TCP/IP enabled, uptodate 
DNS datas on the DNS server, no need of a WINS server...).
This morning, it's impossible to join new computers to the domain.
I restarted SMBD and NMBD ; still impossible.
I rebooted the server, and restarted the services : everything is ok.

What's happening ? It seems that there is too much smbd processes 
listenning. How to limit these ?

Thanks a lot for any answer,

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