[Samba] NT MD4 password check failed

Vincente Aggrippino vaggrippino at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 05:11:59 GMT 2005

I'm sorry for asking a question which has been asked so many times
before, but I can't seem to find the answer...

How do I get to access my home directory on a Linux server running
Samba from a Windows XP client?

I'm getting "NT MD4 password check failed" in the log file even though
the Windows client is listed in hosts.equiv.  More information

I have a small home network consisting of a Linux (SuSE 10.0) server
and two Windows XP clients.  Since I can't get things working
properly, I've added log level = 10 to my smb.conf.

The two users on my network are my wife and myself.

I want to map drive H (for home :)) on the Windows clients to the home
directory on the Linux server.  So, I have a standard [homes] section
in my smb.conf.

Both of the accounts on the clients have a capitalized first letter
and the Linux usernames are all lowercase.  So, I have added the
usernames to /etc/samba/smbusers so that the Windows username will map
properly to the Linux usernames.  This seems to be working properly:

[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 10] lib/username.c:user_in_list(583)
  user_in_list: checking user Vince in list
[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 10] lib/username.c:user_in_list(587)
  user_in_list: checking user |Vince| against |Vince|
[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 3] lib/username.c:map_username(212)
  Mapped user Vince to vince

Neither of our accounts on the Windows XP clients have passwords.  We
just use the Welcome screen and click on our names.  So, I have added
the host names to /etc/hosts.equiv and added hosts equiv =
/etc/hosts.equiv to smb.conf so that, when the client tries to connect
to the server it shouldn't need to provide a password to go with the
username.  This is the part that doesn't seem to be working:

[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 9] passdb/passdb.c:pdb_update_autolock_flag(2333)
  pdb_update_autolock_flag: Account vince not autolocked, no check needed
[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 4] libsmb/ntlm_check.c:ntlm_password_check(326)
  ntlm_password_check: Checking NT MD4 password
[2005/11/17 11:37:29, 3] libsmb/ntlm_check.c:ntlm_password_check(344)
  ntlm_password_check: NT MD4 password check failed for user vince

Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

Thank you,
    Vince Aggrippino
    vaggrippino at gmail.com

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