[Samba] Re: Have to love MS, Was: -> Re: w32time and Samba PDC Domains

Michael Lueck mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com
Mon Nov 14 13:43:59 GMT 2005

Matthew Easton wrote:

> Probably everything that a windows dhcp client can configure is  
> revealed in the command
>     ipconfig /all   

Except over at microsoft.com they have KB articles about adding keys as I did to pick up additional DHCP options (by number) and map them to user defined targets in the registy.

One guess I have is possibly the DHCP client caches the options it received and will not process these mappings until they are changed at some point, so I will try that. Otherwise, it appears this 
mapping DHCP options area of the registry is dead / unused.

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