[Samba] Re: Have to love MS, Was: -> Re: w32time and Samba PDC Domains

Matthew Easton v-vi at trugschluss.org
Mon Nov 14 06:48:40 GMT 2005

On Nov 13, 2005, at 3:33 PM, Michael Lueck wrote:

> Matthew Easton wrote:
>> There is a security policy setting you must change.
>> You want to give "Authenticated Users" the right to adjust the time.
> Actually I don't want to give that out. The w32time service would  
> run as system (aka root) thus have the ability to change the time.  
> Since DHCP offers the NTP server hostname, I was just hoping that  
> the DHCP client could update / provide that DHCP option, but it  
> seems that functionality is not functioning.

This post apparently speaks to your issue, but perhaps not in quite  
the way you imagined:

Probably everything that a windows dhcp client can configure is  
revealed in the command
	ipconfig /all	
ISC-DHCP has a lot of capabilities that are not used by clients.  For  
example, DHCP can give out the address of pop and smtp server, but I  
know of no dhcp client that will configure mail.

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