[Samba] Homes on different server...

Jonas Jochum jj at archit.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Nov 11 14:23:02 GMT 2005

Am Friday 11 November 2005 15:15 schrieb Olivier Houde:
> Hi list
> is there any way to specify on wich server a user's home is ?   Let me
> explain myself...   I have a Samba3 PDC here at the head office using
> LDAP as an authentication backend. We have offices in other cities and
> we would like them to be on the same domain. All those offices are
> linked using VPNs. I have no problem to configure LDAP and Samba to work
> together. The problem is that i want all those offices to be completely
> independant in case the VPN link goes down. For that, i need to split
> all my user's home between the BDCs and the PDC (depending in wich
> office the user is working), if want the users to still have an access
> to their home and profiles. I have an LDAP master here and a LDAP slave
> in each office. How can i tell samba that depending on the user, its
> home is on a different server ?  Can i use LDAP for that ?  If it's
> possible, how can i do that ?  Should i use an other solution ?  Trusted
> domain instead ?
> Thanks
> Olivier Houde

Have a look at the LDAP attributes sambaHomePath and sambaProfilePath.

 Jonas Jochum

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