[Samba] Getting Error With System name While access samba Share!

updatemyself . updatemyself at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 06:38:03 GMT 2005

Hai All,

I have a setup with samba share and ADS..
All my Windows XP machine is login to ADS Server also.. my samba share
While I try to access sambas share from some WindowsXP machine
I am getting some error…
from only some machine in my network (for all user) even administrator user
also getting same error

error is only while I use system name... to access share
Eg:- \\fs005\vol08 <file://fs005/vol08>
Syatem will give some error message...
(it will ask for username and password.. even if linux server is
authenticated to ADS)
also it will not connected ( there is no authentication needed to access

but from same system if i try to access samba share using IPAddress
Eg:- \\\vol08 <file://\\\vol08>
it will connect with out any problem or authentication

please share ur ideas.. to solve my headache....

Thank you in advance


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