[Samba] suse 9.3 / samba

John H Terpstra jht at samba.org
Thu Nov 3 18:31:15 GMT 2005

On Thursday 03 November 2005 11:18, Roger Searle wrote:
> I installed suse 9.3 recently after successfully running 9.1 for some
> time and being able to serve up files to windows computers on my home
> network.  Since the new install, I can no longer edit and save word
> files shared by samba on the linux machine from a windows machine, while
> other file types are OK (html, jpg, txt).
> I can create a new word file, but they can't be subsequently edited and
> saved.  The creation of the file must be via right clicking and choosing
> "new" in windows explorer, I can not save the file from within word.
> The error messages I get on the windows machine is:
> Initially:  "The save failed due to out of memory or disk space".
> Trying "Save as" results in: "the disk is full or too many files are open".
> I also note that initially I had a similar situation with Excel files -
> modified files could not be saved either - for an unknown reason Excel
> files can now be edited and saved.  The only changes on either machines
> have been via Microsoft Update or YAST Online Update.  Any assistance
> with this would be very much appreciated.


The information you have provided does not permit us to help you due the 
sparsity of the information provided.

Please refer to my book "Samba-3 by Example, 2nd Edition" for complete network 
solutions that were built using SuSE 9.3 Professional. Each chapter fully 
documents step-by-step procedures to implement the complete network discussed 
there in.

This book can be purchased from Amazon.Com by searching for ISBN: 013188221X.

Alternately, you can download a PDF of the current book from:

If you still have troubles when you have carefully followed the examples shown 
there please write to me directly at jht at samba.org.

John T.

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