[Samba] Re: Two Sambas, but the new version is not activ

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Mon May 30 08:01:38 GMT 2005

Andreas Bauer wrote:
> Hello!
> I have an old Samba Version(3.0.7..) in /etc/samba/ and an new one (3.0.14a) 
> compiled in /usr/local/samba/....
> If I start only the Dämon from the new one, the testparm -V shows always the 
> old versionnumber(3.0.7..). I think, only the old one is activ. 
How did you start the daemon? You'll have two smbd executables if you
have two versions installed in different locations. Which one is
executed depends on how you started it (full path) and whichever comes
first in your PATH.
Should I
> delete the old directory with th smb file, or how can I solve this problem, 
> because I need the new one Samba, because I compiled it wth the -ldapsam 
> option, which I need for smbpasswd -w and the LDAP Admin?
Your samba installation is not in /etc/samba only. Thats configuration
data. Use the packet manager to uninstall the old one (it shouldn't be a
problem to have multiple versions installed in different locations though).


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