[Samba] Two Sambas, but the new version is not activ

Andreas Bauer andreas_bauer at arcor.de
Sun May 29 22:31:33 GMT 2005


I have an old Samba Version(3.0.7..) in /etc/samba/ and an new one (3.0.14a) 
compiled in /usr/local/samba/....
If I start only the Dämon from the new one, the testparm -V shows always the 
old versionnumber(3.0.7..). I think, only the old one is activ. Should I 
delete the old directory with th smb file, or how can I solve this problem, 
because I need the new one Samba, because I compiled it wth the -ldapsam 
option, which I need for smbpasswd -w and the LDAP Admin?

Best regards

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